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Overview. ASTM F1554 grade 55 anchor bolts are manufactured from a modified mild steel that has a higher minimum yield strength (55 ksi) than traditional A36 mild steel (36 ksi). This specification was widely used in the light pole and traffic signal industry long before the ASTM F1554 specification was introduced in 1994 and was commonly referred to as A36M55.

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Add tensile strength to a concrete slab and Add tensile strength to a concrete slab and improve its crack resistance while using this DeAcero 42 in. x 84 in. Sheared Welded Steel Wire Remesh Sheet. Concrete has extremely high compression strength but is very weak in tensile strength. To compensate for this weakness welded wire reinforcing mesh is ...


Hex bolts; Hex bolts. A bolt with a six sided head. Stainless steel 18-8. The most common stainless steel for general hardware use. Stainless steel 316. A highly corrosion resistant grade of stainless steel. Ideal in salt water and chlorine environments. More expensive than 18-8. Zinc plated steel. A low carbon steel for general use, either ...

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Materials - Carbon Steel Bolts in ASTM A307 (Grades A and B) Scope ASTM A307 is the standard specification for carbon steel bolts, studs, and threaded rods of 60000 PSI tensile strength in sizes from ¼ inch to 4 inches in diameter.

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There are three grades within this specification, 36, 55, or 105. These grade numbers represent the minimum yield strength (ksi) requirement of the anchor bolt. The bolts are color coded at the end that will project from the concrete to easily identify the grade used in the field (Grade 36: Blue, Grade 55: Yellow, Grade 105: Red).

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An extensive range for any job large or small, on site or at home. There are variety of bolt types used for different applications depending on what you are trying to achieve. Bolts are tightened usually by using a socket, wrench or screwdriver, so have a variation of head types.

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Nov 08, 2011· Concrete screws are a really fast and easy way to fix to masonry. Once the correct drill bit has been selected you can use these fasteners really quickly as there is no messing about- just drill ...

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This is pretty easy to cut with bolt cutters or probably a good set of pliers. If you are looking to fit it in your car, you can bend and re-bend it too. ... 8 in. Ladder Mesh Block is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 8. ... Concrete Bond Beam Block can be used to Concrete Bond Beam Block can be used to help provide horizontal reinforcement in concrete ...

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The provisions of this chapter shall govern the materials, quality control, design and construction of concrete used in structures. 1901.2 Plain and reinforced concrete. Structural concrete shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of this chapter and ACI 318 as amended in Section 1905 of this code.

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These bolts are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with the standards set by SAE J429 for proof load, yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, surface roughness and core hardness. Grades. Grade 2 – bolts manufactured from low or medium carbon steel. Grade 5 – bolts manufactured from medium carbon steel.

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We stock a majority of the standard size bolts used in the roadway lighting industry, along with bolts for the traffic signal and sign structure industries. We will also custom manufacture to our clients' specific needs. Choose JH Botts for your next project and put our craftsmanship to work for you! Learn More >

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MANUAL FOR FREQUENCY OF SAMPLING AND TESTING AND BASIS FOR USE OF MATERIALS GENERAL The Department Standard Specifications, Section 106.02, states that the minimum required

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ASTM A307 Fasteners Bolts Scope. The ASTM A307 specification covers carbon steel bolts and studs ranging from 1/4" through 4" diameter. This is your everyday, run of the mill bolt specification often manufactured using A36 round bar.

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May 04, 2015· Mine/Cement ball mill crusher wear parts,mill liner bolts and nuts,hot forging oval head bolts ... Determining Bolt Grade and Head Markings - Duration: 2:02. northeastfasteners 110,289 views.

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bolt installation equipment has been designed with a capac-ity to fully tension 1-in. diameter ASTM A490 bolts when re-quired; larger bolts will usually require special equipment and/ or effort. Additionally, bolt diameters larger than 1 in. may re-quire larger clearances, …

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Most used bolt material, 1018 will have greater than average strength and toughness after cold working, especially if cold-headed quality rod is used. ... The torque requirements during assembly may demand a higher grade material than the load requirements. ... Guidelines for U-Bolt Design Guidelines for U-Bolt Design.

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SAE J429 Grade 1, ASTM A307 Grade A are low carbon steel strength grades with essentially the same properties. ASTM A307 Grade B is a special low carbon steel grade of bolt used in piping and flange work. Its properties are very similar to Grade A except that it has added the requirement of a specified maximum tensile strength.

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* A36 is incomplete when used as a fastener specification, because it is a raw steel specification. Anchor rods, also referred as anchor bolts, concrete embeds or foundation bolts, are embedded in concrete foundations to support structural steel columns, light poles, traffic signals, highway sign structures, industrial equipment and many other ...

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An anchor bolt is used to attach objects or structures to concrete. There are many types of anchor bolts, consisting of designs that are mostly proprietary to the manufacturing companies. All consist of a threaded end, to which a nut and washer can be attached for the external load.

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Mill Test Report History of Reinforcing Steel FAQs About Bars. Reinforced Concrete Reinforced Concrete Placing Bars ... The American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) issued its first standard for concrete reinforcement, AASHO M 31. 1928: ... it included grade 75 rebar. 1959: ASTM A432 published; it included grade 60 rebar.

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1.1 This specification covers straight, bent, headed, and headless anchor bolts (also known as anchor rods) made of carbon, medium carbon boron, alloy, or high-strength low-alloy steel. It provides for anchor bolts in three strength grades, two thread classes, and in the diameters specified in Section 4.The specification also covers all-thread rod for use in anchoring to concrete.

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Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Grade Carbide Tipped ... Concrete Anchors, Tapcon, Bits, American Made Anchors. Go to Product List. EV MDC SSL; ... The category of fasteners labeled as "concrete fasteners" describes fasteners that are used to fasten items to concrete, brick, and block. All of the fasteners sold by Concrete Fasteners, Inc. are designed ...

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1 ACI Concrete Terminology A/F ratio — the molar or mass ratio of aluminum oxide (Al 2O 3) to iron oxide (Fe 2O 3), as in portland cement. Abrams' law — a rule stating that, with given concrete materials and conditions of test, the ratio of the amount of water to the amount of the cement in the mixture

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3/4" x 24" Galvanized Steel Bent Anchor Bolt - Bolt Only. ... The bent anchor bolt, sometimes referred to a foundation bolt, is a cast-in-place structural anchor. The anchors meet the minimum mechanical requirements of ASTM A36. Galvanized plating protects the bolt from corrosion; typically used …

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We stock a majority of the standard size bolts used in the roadway lighting industry, along with bolts for the traffic signal and sign structure industries. We will also custom manufacture to our clients' specific needs. Choose JH Botts for your next project and put our craftsmanship to work for you! Learn More >

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Mil-spec bolts may be used in a number of applications in a wide range of industries. Military-spec bolts are available with either coarse or fine threads, and are made from a range of materials with different finishes. Mil-spec machine screws are used to fasten machine parts and in other applications. They do not have a tapered tip; the entire ...

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Mar 11, 2008· Galvanized vs. Stainless for embedding in concrete March 11, 2008. Q. As a contractor, we are replacing rusted parking lot light poles for our customers all of the time. The concrete bases are structurally sturdy and there is no need to replace these. However the base of the steel poles AND the anchors rust and cause the poles to fall over.

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ASTM's steel standards are instrumental in classifying, evaluating, and specifying the material, chemical, mechanical, and metallurgical properties of the different types of steels, which are primarily used in the production of mechanical components, industrial parts, and construction elements, as well as other accessories related to them.

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Click on a BOLT type above to continue shopping… BOLTS. Bolts are generally considered to be larger than screws and are used in a wide variety of applications especially where load-carrying capacity is a requirement. Depending on the type, uses include fastening wood to wood, wood to metal, metal to metal, and objects to wood and metal.

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